SIRE – Smart Integrated REasoner

SIRE – Smart Integrated REasoner  is the cloud-based reasoning software system for multi-purpose predictive monitoring, within the Smart environments and Internet of things. The fields of applicability include, for example, the monitoring of production processes, logistics, info-mobility, energy efficiency.  The project is carried out by Neatec with the University of Sassari.

DRone for AGricultural OptimizatioN

DRAGON started! – DRone for AGricultural OptimizatioN, an intelligent monitoring system of agricultural crops, based on the use of drones, fitted with cameras and specialized sensors to accurately map crops, evaluate irrigation needs, identify the degree of pest infestation and determine in advance the potential risk of occurrence of plant diseases (phytopathologies). The project is carried out by Neatec with ATI with the Institute of Biometeorology of the National Research Council (CNR Ibimet).